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New Farm Tours


Due to Covid 19 we will only be offering Private Tours & The Alpaca Lovers Tour. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as required. We have hand sanitizer in the barn and the store, all items - pens, door handles, etc. , credit card equipment are cleaned between each tour.

Sorry you haven't heard from us in quite a while, we have been busy working on our new business, Laslyn Alpaca.  We would like to know what would you like to see happening at the ranch?  What would you like to hear about in our upcoming newsletters?  What do you want to know about alpacas?  Please feel free to email Carolyn with any ideas and comments you may have.

Are you anxious for spring to arrive? It's almost here, the sun is staying out longer, the temperatures are creeping up in the day, soon, very soon the crocus's and tulips will be poking up through the ground and the robins will return.

For us this has been a pretty easy winter compared to some of the past winters. We've only had one big snowstorm (so far) where we decided to close up both barns and keep all the alpacas inside. The alpacas don't mind the cold temperatures at all, in fact many of the alpacas prefer to spend a lot of time outside all winter. Alpaca fibre is about six times warmer that wool so the snow and cold really doesn't bother them. We closed the barns up because we didn't want to have to shovel out 3' snowdrifts from all of the the barns. Good thing we did too, some of the doors had 4' drifts in front of them and is was a couple of days before we had them all dug out and the alpacas could get outside again.

Some of you may follow us on Facebook or Instagram and already know about our Farm Tours, but for those of you that don't know we are now offering three different types of tours to meet the alpacas, Friday to Monday.

Sunday's at Noon we offer a Public Farm Tour - up to 20 guests. This is a good tour for those just looking for a quick experience, often families with young children.

We also offer Private Tours - just for you and your family or friends. This is the tour for those looking for a more intimate experience with the alpacas.

For the person who loves everything alpaca we now have The Alpaca Lovers Tour. And if you are really crazy about alpacas this is the tour for you.

Come fulfil your lifelong desire to meet alpacas and create memories you can treasure for a lifetime.
We will visit in the barn with the girls and last years crias (baby's) you will get a chance to get up close, feed them a treat, pet them, take lots of photos and learn a bit about them. Our first cria this year is due in early June.

After your visit with the alpacas you are welcome to visit our store and see the wonderful things we create from their fibre.

For more details on each tour please copy and past the link
Reservations are needed for all tours.

For the March break - March 16th to March 20th we have extended the farm tours to every day.

Monday, March 16th we are offering one extra Public Tour at 2:00 p.m. 
$10 per adult ages 16 and up, $7 per youth ages 3 to 15 and no charge for infants under 3.
There is a maximum of 20 guests for this tour.
If it books up we will offer another Public Tour later in the week.

After your visit we would love for you to share some of the photos you took to our social media sites.

Upcoming events include shearing opportunities in May and our Open Barn and Country Market in the summer. More on those as we get closer to the the dates.