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Farm Away

Today we will start highlighting the vendors that will be at the Open Barn & Country Market. Please visit their Facebook page to see what they have to offer.

Our first vendor: Farm Away, by the Featherstone Family was established over 40 years ago. We are glad to have them join us again for our third year.

Farm Away embraces an old-world approach to farming. Their small herd of Old English Shorthorn cattle and gardens of rhubarb, seasonal vegetables, and wild foraged herbs, berries and flowers make up the beauty of their sustainable farm. All produced the way nature intended: simple, ethical and sustainable

They have grass-fed beef, assorted birdseed, jams/jellies/preserves/vinegar's, seasonal fruits, veggies.

Also be sure to check out the beautiful Ebru art to their booth.

To learn more about The Featherstone Family's farm check out their social media.
Instatagram: @farm_away