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Today's vendor is our youngest vendor, Will of Timmerwerk is just starting to get into the craft shows and markets. We are very happy to welcome him and his one of a kind wooden jewelry.
Will can introduce himself:

About Me:
My name is Will Daize. I am a 17 year old student and the creator of Timmerwerk. I made Timmerwerk as a way to express the desire I had to not only create, but to share something unique with others, and to do it with woodworking makes it perfect. This is because woodworking is one of my passions. I love turning what seems to be a simple piece of wood into a creation that can be appreciated by all. So, I decided to turn this passion into my business. It started with making small wooden projects (and a not so small bench) as Christmas gifts for my family. I then received a request from my sister to make wooden earrings, which, after a bit of thinking and tinkering, the first pair were made. I later made the first necklace from a simple offcut of a piece of wood I was working on, which sparked the idea to create and sell wooden jewelry. This started off by making a few necklaces that I sold to a couple of my friends. After talking to the right people, I was able to secure a spot at the Flesherton Home Show, which marked the first show that I attended. Now I am attending the Flesherton Farmers’ Market, as well as any other markets that I am able to attend. Overall, Timmerwerk is the first step in a hopefully long journey in woodworking as a business, but more importantly as a passion.

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