Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch

Breeders of fine grey alpacas

Summer Happenings

The saying “Time fly’s when you’re having fun!” is true. We have had a busy few months, but have had a lot of fun too.

In June we became vendors at The Flesherton & District Farmers Market every Saturday. We take two alpacas with us, they certainly are attention getters. The first two months we took yearlings, Yazhi and Strawberry Moon. The last two weeks we have taken Raven and her three week old cria Shasta. Everyone loves babies.

In July we went to Career Day at two of the area libraries as part of the Summer Reading Program. We took Yazhi and Strawberry Moon, the children loved them. Yazhi is a year old with a very laid back personality and is great for visits. Once she realizes she is on show she cush’s and stays in one spot so everyone can pet her. Later in August she will be visiting our local seniors’ residence.

We were invited to participate at the Markdale Fall Fair August 24­ 26th. It will be the first time there have been alpacas at the Fair. We are really looking forward to that.

We have enjoyed many farm visits over the summer- the youngest visitor was 2 years old, the oldest 89, we've had local visitors, visitors from GTA, and visitors from B.C., Virginia and California.

We have received our first batch of yarn back from the mill. It is now for sale at the Farmers Market. We have yarn available in silver grey, black, rose grey, a blend of rose grey/black, white and medium fawn.

Crias galore, I love cria season! Our first cria of the season arrived May 22. I'm writing this draft in the barn waiting for cria #10 to start nursing. To date we have 7 females all named after flowers, and 3 males. Our bouquet includes tuxedo silver grey, rose greys, blacks, white and fawn. We are expecting 5 more crias by mid September.

Okay sound like too much fun? We have been working hard too. Doug has been busy putting in more fencing (an endless job) dividing up and enlarging pastures and installing our new farm sign. We've loaded in 600 bales of hay so far. Plus we have been digging out burr and thistle plants too.

Please check out our Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch Facebook page for more pictures of our crias.