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Eco Tabs Canada

Our next vendor is Eco Tabs Canada - perhaps not a typical farmers market product but it is definitely something that is needed in our rural area.

Eco Tabs Canada offers a natural solution for your waste water. Everyone in rural country has a septic tank and perhaps a pond on your property. Eco Tabs boosts your septic tank and pond with natural occurring bacteria.
Our modern day lifestyle adds detergents and anti-bacterial soaps to the septic tank making it operate less efficiently. Eco Tabs is 100% environmentally friendly and performs numerous tasks. With an easy application, Eco Tabs will oxygenate the wastewater, remove hydrogen sulphide odours (the rotten egg smell), prevent corrosion of your cement and steel tank and pipes, and digest the organic matter in the tank or pond (sludge and algae).

Eco Tabs comes in the form of a tablet or a granular powder. You apply the product directly to your septic tank to clean-out your tank. One application is equivalent to a pumping. Afterwards you follow up with a monthly maintenance program by flushing one tablet per month directly down the toilet. This will keep your septic tank healthy ensuring that you never need to pump your tank again.
“No mess no fuss”
Each Eco TabsTM product is formulated for specific problems found in wastewater, grease traps, portable toilets, septic systems, lakes & ponds, sewage and food processing.
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