Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch

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Great variety of vendors

Be sure to check out these vendors, we have a real variety of products.

Today's Featured Vendor is our youngest vendor and he has the brightest smile and a heart of gold.
Meet 6-year old Oliver, a philanthropist-in-training. Working hard to make the lives of kids in hospital better. Since 2014 Oliver has been selling lemonade to raise funds for the Child Life department at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. To date he has raised over $5000 to help sick kids.
Please be sure to check out Oliver's facebook page and Like it.

Miners Maple Products, more yummy sweetness.
Russell has been making syrup for over thirty years. In 1996 he moved to our current location in Kemble where we have a 220 acre 6000 tap operation. We fire our evaporator with wood chips and have a reverse osmosis. Our evaporator, sap holding tanks, and syrup barrels are food grade stainless steel. We have a certified kitchen and our main goal is to bring the highest quality that mother nature gives us to our customers.

Shpurshire Farms will be joining us with a great selection of organic teas, botanicals, body products, herbs and gift ware. Plus she will be bringing  a few of her rabbits with her.
Shpurshire Farm is a 100 acre century farm nestled in beautiful Grey County . With their own Master Herbalist they source, wildcraft and create organic Teas,Tincture and salves for people and pets alike!
All of their chickens, ducks, sheep and rabbits are raised holistically.
They also supply Mother Nature Approved, Treats and feed for rabbits , farm critters and canines.
Be sure to check out their pages for more information

We are very excited to have this unique artist joining us for his first ever show. Mykel, the Blue Monk Arts, is an artist focusing on fluid acrylic pour painting. Currently Mykel is exploring abstract expressionist painting, emphasizing colours and movement.
By moving away from strict images and focusing on flows, hues, and shapes it allows the paintings to be more subjective in their expressions of patterns, rather than realist images. Mykel, as an artist, is often stifled by perfectionism. Focusing on bold colour palettes and flowing shapes forces perspective away from that perfection, creating abstract paintings that appeal to a more free-form aesthetic.