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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Shpurshire Farm

Shpurshire Farm is a 100 acre century farm using old world farming techniques and holistic medicine. Farmer Marni has been a holistic practitioner and Herbalist for over 3 decades with most of her initial training coming from her Grandmother and Great Grandmother at a very early age! Marni was a preteen before she realized that most people went to the in town Pharmacy for their medicinal needs!

She now uses the same approach in her farming . All the animals raised on the farm are old world Heritage breeds, which mean among other things, they have naturally higher immune systems and stronger resistance to disease. Bio security is important on the farm since the animals all free range together on pasture most of the year, safe from predators due to the strong bond they have with the Live Stock Guardian dogs that roam the property and sleep among the flock.

Shpurshire is unique; they not only raise med free holistic Rabbit , Chicken, Duck and Lamb but also offer organic veggies, herbs, salves , tinctures, teas and all other Apothecary needs. Custom blending for clients is very common! The farm gate Store located on site at 583634 60 Sideroad ( 7km west of Berkeley) is open Tues-Thurs. 10am-2pm and Fri.-Sunday 10am-5pm. Not only offering their own products but also soaps, fudge, jewelry ,textiles, eggs and more! It is worth the drive to stop by the shop and browse all the great products supplied by like minded farmers and producers!

It is the goal of Shpurshire Farm to become your one stop shop and Country Emporium. A place you can come to and get all your daily needs! Providing you with a healthier option then your big box stores! Helping your family get back to good food and simpler times!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Update on Open Barn & Country Markets

Hello Again,
It seems there was a computer glitch or user error on the original post of our vendors, so I have re-done the post.

Please check out their FaceBook pages, we are fortunate to have so many talented people joining us for the day.

Abbey's Sweet Treats
Annanda Chaga Mushrooms
Blue Monk Arts
Centre Grey Health Services Foundation
Dark Morning Designs
Eco Tabs Canada
Farm Away
Finn's Fabulous Bandanas
Frank Duyvelshofl - Artist
Georgian Jewelry Creations
Hunking Honey
Kickin' Back Alpaca Ranch
Miner's Maple Products
Opa's Workshop
Railfence Books
Rocky Hill Hideaway Peppers
Shpurshire Farms
Sister Acts
Spiritual Arts
Sunrise Gardens,
The Rotaract Highlanders

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this event, please don't hesitate to contact us.

It is a fun day for the family to enjoy, but for the comfort of our alpacas we request you please leave your dogs at home.

Have a pronking day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rocky Hill Hideaway Peppers and Herbs

Christine of Rocky Hill Hideaway Peppers and Herbs has been a vendor at local farmers markets for 9 seasons and this is her 10th of selling her products. Her plan is to continue to grow her market business and successfully develop new products while maintaining high quality and value to her customers.
Here is what Christine has to say.

-I moved to the Flesherton area 20 years ago
-I live with my husband, Brett, and have one son, Mason
-I have worked in the area and also spent three years at Georgian College obtaining
business diploma
-I have a passion for all kinds of gardening both indoors and out and I like the challenge
of growing peppers and other plants not normally grown outdoors in our area
I make salsas, pickled peppers, hot pepper jellies from the peppers and tomatoes I grow, as well as a variety of herbs which I sell fresh and in special dried herb & spice blends. I also grow herbs for specialty tea blends.
-I strongly believe in growing and eating naturally grown and raised food and I am concerned about corporate farming and production using bio-mass fertilizers and other harmful growing practices

We are happy to have Christine join us again this summer.…/

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Spiritual Health Arts

We are happy to have Kathleen Cairnie-Sorensen join us for her first show of Spiritual Health Arts.

Kathleen's fine art is of a Spiritual Nature and is very unique.

Labyrinths are an ancient form of meditation, going back over 4000 years. They are different from mazes in that there is only one way in, and one way out - no tricks. The purpose is to use your creativity while engaged physically in order to solve problems, de-stress, or simply reach a deeper level of meditation. The problem with traditional Labyrinths is the space and time they take. Therefore much smaller ones came into being so that you can follow the path with your finger in order to achieve the same results.

Her Finger Labyrinths are made from a variety of materials including Live Edge Wood, and in a variety of patterns such as The Chartre and The Ely as well as some contemporary styles.

Spiritual Health Arts also provides Mindfulness training and development, Yoga classes and other ways of strengthening your Spiritual Health.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Blue Monk Arts

This is the third time this young artist has joined us.

Mykel, the Blue Monk Arts, is an artist focusing on fluid acrylic pour painting. Currently Mykel is exploring abstract expressionist painting, emphasizing colours and movement.

By moving away from strict images and focusing on flows, hues, and shapes it allows the paintings to be more subjective in their expressions of patterns, rather than realist images. Mykel, as an artist, is often stifled by perfectionism. Focusing on bold colour palettes and flowing shapes forces perspective away from that perfection, creating abstract paintings that appeal to a more free-form aesthetic.

Hopefully he will have some more of his unique Christmas decorations.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Annanda Chaga

So many health benefits to be found with Annanda Chaga.

Annanda Chaga is a small family owned and operated company in Collingwood Ontario . We believe that the Chaga Mushroom is truly a gift of nature to be enjoyed by all. We hand pick, clean & sort and air-dry our wild harvested Chaga Mushrooms with loving care.
Inspired by his own health recovery and that of his wife, Heather and immediate friends and family, Blair started Annanda Chaga to bring an honest and pure Canadian source of this precious gift of nature to help others.

To learn more about their great product please check out their webpage or Facebook.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Georgian Jewelry Creations

During shearing season we are always looking for volunteers to help and Brenda came to help shear on Mother's Day. We are happy to have her join us now for our 2nd Open Barn & Country Market.

Brenda Hudson of Georgian Jewelry Creations designs and hand makes a variety of gemstone jewelry including aromatherapy jewelry. With extensive knowledge of gemstones and their metaphysical properties, and using carefully chosen top quality gemstones, Brenda creates bracelets, necklaces and accessories.

From casual designs to those with added bling, Brenda will have something for everyone.

Custom work is always welcome!

New this year is the addition of hand knotted Malas (108 bead meditation necklaces).

Check out her incredible bracelets and more.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hunking Honey

There is nothing sweeter than honey, so we are glad to have Hunking Honey joining us again. Another true family business right here in Grey Highlands.
They have wonderful raw honey in various size containers but they also sell bee keeping equipment. If you are interested in having your own hives these are the people to talk to.

We are the two of the three Hunking boys. Matthew the oldest, lives in Richmond Hill working as a Funeral Director for Marshall Funeral Home. Aaron the youngest, lives at the store location in Grey Highlands. Aaron works in the agriculture industry during the summers and Alberta oil and gas industry during the winter. As both of us were raised on the farm, the country side is always where we end up in our spare time. Beekeeping has become that time filler. It started as a hobby and seems to be growing year after year, colony after colony. Our bees are placed on a farm owned and operated by the middle Hunking boy (Josh), so it ends up being a family affair after all. Mom and dad are ever supportive whether checking bees or attending markets.

Our mission is to be sustainable beekeepers working with agriculture producing the purest, most natural honey we can.

For more information check out their webpage and Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Abbey's Sweet Treats

Need a yummy dessert or just a sweet treat? Be sure to check out Abbey's Sweet Treats.

Abbey Johnston has been a pastry chef in the Clearview, Collingwood area since 2002 . She has just recently started Abbey's Sweet Treats. She sells her pies, tarts, cupcakes, cookies and other sweet treats at the local Farmers markets on the weekends.
Abbey likes to use as local and fresh ingredients as she can in all of her baked goods. All her yummy desserts are made from scratch.
She even has an alpaca cookie cutter!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Eco Tabs Canada

Our next vendor is Eco Tabs Canada - perhaps not a typical farmers market product but it is definitely something that is needed in our rural area.

Eco Tabs Canada offers a natural solution for your waste water. Everyone in rural country has a septic tank and perhaps a pond on your property. Eco Tabs boosts your septic tank and pond with natural occurring bacteria.
Our modern day lifestyle adds detergents and anti-bacterial soaps to the septic tank making it operate less efficiently. Eco Tabs is 100% environmentally friendly and performs numerous tasks. With an easy application, Eco Tabs will oxygenate the wastewater, remove hydrogen sulphide odours (the rotten egg smell), prevent corrosion of your cement and steel tank and pipes, and digest the organic matter in the tank or pond (sludge and algae).

Eco Tabs comes in the form of a tablet or a granular powder. You apply the product directly to your septic tank to clean-out your tank. One application is equivalent to a pumping. Afterwards you follow up with a monthly maintenance program by flushing one tablet per month directly down the toilet. This will keep your septic tank healthy ensuring that you never need to pump your tank again.
“No mess no fuss”
Each Eco TabsTM product is formulated for specific problems found in wastewater, grease traps, portable toilets, septic systems, lakes & ponds, sewage and food processing.
For more information be sure to check out their webpage: