Lory and Chips her 2011 cria
Lilley, Lory's 2012 cria

Fiber / Scientific Data

July 27,2012 AFD 24.0 SD 5.1 CV 21.2 %>30micron 9.6
July 28, 2011AFD 23.6 SD 5.9 CV 24.8 % > 30 Miccron 12.3

BBC Bolivian Lory H4182D

CLAA# 30801S   D.O.B. 6/14/2005  (14 yrs)

Suri, Female, Proven | White

Sire: BBC Bolivian Pito  | CLAA# 22600  
Dam: HCLA Bolivian Alouette  | CLAA# 17674  

Lory is a very gentle alpaca, she is very easy to handle. Lory is a great mom and has a great supply of milk. She can often be found off to the side with all of the crias nestled in around her.

Lory's fibre feels silky soft and has great shine to it. At 7 years of age she is only 24 micron, the average fibre length is 4 inches.

Her 2012 cria sired by MMR Konstantino is KBAR'S Lilley, see her on her own page. She too has really nice fleece.

Lory and Lilley are our only suri alpacas as we are not going to breed suris we would like them to go to a farm that would really appreciate such lovely suris.

Updated 2/17/2014